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Electric Bikes!

CPNEI introduces Battery Operated Electric Motor Bikes first time in Pakistan. We are the manufacturer and exporters of these bikes to Latin America, Europe since last two decades. In China these bikes are a huge success and people are using these bikes for their daily travel with-in 65 to 75 kilometres distance.

These bikes run on electric power which minimizing the cost of travel and plays its role in keeping the environment free from air-pollution.

These electric bikes can travel a distance of 65 to 75 kilometres with one full charge which consumes only 1.2 kwh of electricity. That means that in just 10 rupees you can travel a distance of 75 kilometer. These bikes has turned out to be one of the cheapest and reliable mean of transportation within Pakistan.

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  • Our Solar System Includes

  • Solar PanelsWe offer high quality Mono-crystline and Poly-crystline Solar Panels. These panels are the result of vast RND and unparlleled technological expertise.
  • InvertorsOur invertors are manufactured according to the customers needs and meet all the international standards for optimum output.
  • BatteryWe offer long life - dry gel batteries of highest standards to provide longer and reliable backup.
  • Charge ControllerOur charge controllers are customized to ensure maximized effeciecy of solar panel and longer duribility of batteries.